Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Luke | U.S. Marine

   Earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to fly to Minnesota to visit my best friend Kara (previous post) and her family. I did their family photos one of the days I was there, and had a blast. When the rest of the family left, I stayed back with Kara and her brother - my good friend Luke - to get some spiffy shots of him in his dress blues uniform. Luke is a Marine and has been in the service for over 2 years already. His journey has led him from boot camp and training to Okinawa, Japan for two years, to now California and eventually Afghanistan. He's a strong man with a servants heart and he loves to laugh - or more accurately, make others laugh! And he's good at it, haha. Not to mention, he's a great model. ;) I think the majority of the time we spent together was just all smiles and laughs and inside jokes. We had such a great time! Can't wait to do it again. 

We couldn't be taking ALL serious photos!

I took these next few in Duluth, MN, where Luke, Kara, and I spent my last night together. I had fun playing with the lighting and teasing Luke about the GQ quality of these. ;)

As a final thought, please be praying for our men that are proudly serving our country and laying down their lives for us every day. God bless America!

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