Monday, May 9, 2011

Jordyn | Newborn

Hello, all! Its time for me to officially introduce my newborn niece. :)
Here are the photos I promised would be coming!  
This little girl was born on April 25th, 6lbs. 6oz., 20 inches. She's one of the most perfect little babies I've ever known - and I don't intend any bias there. She lOVes sleeping! And for the first time in the two weeks she's been in this world, I heard her cry yesterday. Thats been a huge blessing for my sister and brother-n-law. She's tiny, content, and beautiful! 
Hope these photos make you smile. ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rick and Jackie | Engaged

Congratulations to our friend Jackie and her new fiancé Rick!
I had the privilege last week to shoot their engagement photos. They drove up all the way from Lexington, KY, to get some great shots in Jackie's hometown, sweet Chicago. It was a fun day, with perfect weather conditions and great locations (um, okay, its Chicago, when is there everrrr a hard time finding cool photo spots).
The two of them enjoy swing dancing, so I thought it'd be perfect to get a couple dance moves on camera, just the two of them doing what they love. Here's one of those shots, a beautiful dip 'n' kiss: 

And more of their precious smiles and love for each other!

Many blessings to you both, Jackie and Rick. It was great working with you. Now I can't wait to photograph your big day!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Shower!

Hellooo everyone! WOW it has been insanely long time since my last update on here. Life is crazy! But I've found the time to blog right now, because I want to share with you all a very special day for my family: my sister's baby shower! Her first baby is on the way, and only one more month until I will be an aunt. :)
We threw her a baby shower this past Saturday, and let me tell you... I don't think I've seen a cuter shower. So much fun, so much fun just to look at.
A special thanks to Kim Matranga for opening up her home to host the party. She was amazing! 
And the credit for all of this work goes to my mom, Maureen, and sister Charisse, for planning, organizing, cooking, creating, and putting it all together. The hard work paid off, and it was a day to remember.
Enjoy the cuteness. ;)

The invitations I designed:

So, I spend a long time coming up with a cute idea for wrapping up their gifts. When I finally completed it all, I just had to take a photo of it hehe:

Our good designer friend, Elisabeth, put together this adorable little gift "cake." Amazing! So many creative people involved.

"Baby Blomer is brewing" tea bag favors:"
The bottom of the punch container. Kim's idea was brilliant and so cute:

Woo hoo, the fun part! This fabulous cake was created from scratch by my sister, Charisse Brown (website soon TBA). She did an incredible job with the detail and creativity. The little forest figures matched the characters on the bedding that Christen and Brian chose for the baby's room. It was truly perfect!

The radiant parents-to-be :)

On behalf of my sister, thank you to all who attended. Christen received many beautiful and very useful gifts. Her and Brian will be able to ease into life with a child much easier. You've been a blessing!
Once again, also thank you to everyone who helped prepare for the day.
Now, may God richly bless Brian and Christen as they step into this new chapter of life. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cait and Talia | Friends

Last week, I took my sister and her friend out for a quick "friend" photoshoot at Danada Equestion Center. I was dressed in a thick winter coat, gloves, a hat, scarf, and my "boots with the fur" - and was still freezing! Just look what these gals were wearing!
I have to give them props for being so tough and braving the cold, with gorgeous smiles and all. I really love how the photos turned out, despite my frozen little hands. Friend shoots are lots of fun!
Oh yes... and we did this in about 20 minutes. ;) I think it took the whole ride home and then some for everyone to thaw out. But it was worth it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Madison | Christmas Portraits

Here is one of my favorite little girls, a sweet and sharp 3 year old from my church. I've photographed her for fun in the past, but this time her mom hired me for some portraits to put on their family Christmas card. Madison was dressed in a beautiful velvet green dress and bow, and she was all smiles. Well, that is, until she started to get a little impatient and antsy. But, c'mon, she's barely 4! And I think she did wonderful. ;) The photos prove it. I was so happy to get their Christmas card in the mail and see my work collaged all over it.

Thank you, Maddie, for being such a great girl! I absolutely love the last two, and their artsiness. I'm learning that you can take even an upset little child and create a beautiful photo.