Sunday, December 19, 2010

UPDATE: Year End 2010

Well well, the year is coming to a close. Just a couple more weeks until we enter the world of 2011, so I figured its time for a quick update on where I've been and what's new in my photography world. First of all, last month I had the excitement of getting a little white package in the mail from WHCC. Thats White House Custom Color, the site I just started using for a couple print jobs. They do a fabulous job with their prints and have a wide range of sizes, styles, and textures to choose from. I finally found some time to design business cards last month, and have them now! Yay.

It was a tough decision choosing the photos for the back of the card, but I finally settled with some of my favorite ones. As a bonus, I added the one of my little brother because he was begging to be on the card. ;) I caved in, naturally, when he flashed those big brown eyes at me haha. Anyway, I love it!

And now for my most exciting news - my acceptance into Harrington College of Design! I requested information one night about two weeks ago, and within a couple days I had an interview set up. My counselor, Dax, was awesome and said the school would be very excited to have me. (Now I realize they're looking for the income, too, but I was really encouraged by his response to my portfolio.)

Harrington is located downtown Chicago in the Loop, and is apparently on the top list of the best photography schools in the nation. I would graduate possibly in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Photography. This is very exciting for me! Now all I have to do is search for financial aid and then sit down with my advisor to see how it would all work. If all goes well, I might start classes in March. WOW, God is good. I didn't expect this, but I believe its an answer to my prayer and seems to be a clear lead on what I should do. Please keep me in your prayers, though, for the next couple weeks, as I try to sort through the details and see if this is truly possible for me.

In closing, I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive and such an encouragement to me. You guys keep me going and give me confidence in myself and in my work. I'm blessed to have such a faithful crowd of friends, family, and fans.
A very Merry Christmas to you! Remember the Reason for the season.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photoshoot! Nat&Rebecca

     When my photography friend Jake Preedin asked me (and two other photographers) to come along for a photoshoot of some friends of ours, I didn't have to be asked twice. I love shooting with Jake, he's great and such a dear friend and brother! Check out his work here. The biggest challenge this day, though, was the weather. It was freeeeeezing cold - so cold my fingers were going numb. If you can imagine, trying to shoot with stiff, freezing bare fingers is not much fun; its too bad shooting with gloves is near impossible. 
    Despite that though, we had a ton of fun together. And I was amazed at how great Natalie and Rebecca were for us. They stuck it out like real champs, baring their arms and shoulders even to pose for our cameras! I don't know how they did it, but I give them props. I am also amazed at great some of these photos turned out, even though I wasn't feeling satisfied at the time. The colors were perfect and the lighting fairly cooperative. Definitely worth it all!

Does it look like its 30 degrees out to you? She's wonderful.

These last two are some of my favorites!
Thank you to Rebecca and Natalie for being so patient with us and stickin it out. And to fellow photographers Jake Preedin, Kerri Carlquist, and Jordan Nott for making it a memorable day! (Also to Shannon for being our assistant.) :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Josiah and Madison | Playmates

    Madison's Mom hired me the other day to take Christmas photos of little Maddie with her beautiful green dress on (those photos coming soon!). I had brought my little brother Josiah along, and after taking enough photos to make Maddie antsy, upset, and then suddenly hyper and giggly, the two were finally able to have some fun. Theres a big of an age gap between them, but I think Josiah still had fun, and its so great to see him playing with littler kids. :) 
    PS. This was all my initiation! I'll take the blame, for all the comments I know I will get from friends and family hehe. I'm not seriously trying to be a matchmaker, buttt..... okay you can't deny the adorableness of those faces. ;) Thats all I'm saying.