Monday, August 2, 2010

And the Journey Begins.

Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new photo blog! I'm reallyyy excited to be starting this new journey. Websites are great, Facebook fan pages are even more fun, but I feel like blogs are so much more personal and real. I'm looking forward to sharing my photography journey with the world - the first step being my new branding and blog. So climb aboard and have fun with me! 

Of course, I wouldn't be where I am right now with all this if it weren't for the wonderful Sarah Barlow! Check out her BLOG and WEBSITE. Sarah is an amazing person with an awesome personality and pure talent. Her photography has continued to inspire me for the last couple years, and its one of the reasons that I am where I am at today. Two other girls and I have spent the past week doing her photography internship program. We've had so much fun and have learned a lot. Early mornings, late nights, a couple photoshoots, lots of editing and designing and computer work, and then of course time for some fun... it's been an amazing journey that I'm so thankful I could take. God is good! 

I'lll leave you with some photos I took of the two girls interning with me. Both are adorable and are great models.

Kristin Serna | See out her unique and artsy blog HERE! She has a great style and I love her eye for details. (Check out her nature shots, super cool!)

Christina Moodie | She's super sweet and has that motherly touch which I think is evident in her clean, organized photos and designs. View her blog HERE!

I love that the three of us are so different, and yet all share the same common bond of a passion for photography. We've all gotten along really well and have even helped each other out with design ideas and photo tips... it's been fun! 

I never would've thought that I'd be able to do this, but God has been doing amazing things in my life lately, and once again I'm amazed at his provision. I've thanked Him every day for His faithfulness and love to me... I can't wait to see where this road leads me.

Here are a couple more shots I'll leave you with:

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