Saturday, August 7, 2010

Steve & Jennifer | Engagement

The fourth day into the Sarah Barlow internship, we did an engagement photoshoot of Steve and Jennifer. It was Sunday afternoon. The sun was hot and bright, bugs were swarming, and the tall grass was itching our legs, but Steve and Jen were so happy, you'd never have guessed! I loved seeing the way Steve looked at Jen... he didn't stop smiling and holding her! And Jen's sweet smile and laugh mirrored her affection for him as well. 
This location is special to them because it's where Steve proposed to Jen. It's also where Jen has taken horseback riding lessons for years, and where she had her senior photos taken by Sarah Barlow. Their story is so cute! With the help of the woman who owns the horses and property, Steve planned an adorable surprise out in the field, and asked her that wonderful question. Of course... she said yes, and here were are with some of the photos to document a special milestone in their life. :)
Shooting in the harsh lighting was a challenge, but I'm glad we interns had the experience and had Sarah there to give tips and advice. In all it was a great day, ended with some cold Oberweis deliciousness. ;) 

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